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Here's that Jamaal Charles-Charcandrick West pizza story

Earlier this week Andy Reid was talking to the media about Charcandrick West and Jamaal Charles and he said this:

"Jamaal took him under his wing - you all know the pizza story and that whole deal - he let him live with him and so on. It's been kind of a neat thing, I think, for Charcandrick."

A reporter said, wait, what pizza story?

"You don't know the pizza story?" Reid said in response. "I can't tell the pizza story, I'll let him tell it. Listen, Jamaal's done a nice job of mentoring Charcandrick."

And so on Wednesday, West was asked about the pizza story.

"We stayed together this offseason," West said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "We were sitting there playing a video game one day and we were both hungry. We were just like ‘What do you want to eat?' So we both came up with pizza, so we called in. You know both of us kind of talk a little slangish, so we were ordering the pizza, I said to order meat lovers. So somehow he got meatloaf out of that. He told the people we wanted a meatloaf pizza. I'm looking like ‘I wonder if they're going to catch it.' They never said anything, so we call ‘meat lovers' pizza ‘meat loaf.' That's the pizza story."

No, it wasn't meatloaf pizza. "I don't even think they make meatloaf pizza," West said.

I brought dinner over for one of my first dates with Mrs. Arrowhead Pride. I wasn't a big fan of Indian food but she was so that's what we got. She told me to order "chickpea curry". I didn't hear her right and I thought she said "chicken pea curry", as in curry with chicken and peas. I asked her while we were eating why there weren't any peas in her curry, and she didn't have the heart to tell me - for a few years - that I was a complete idiot.

Share your stories on how you messed up an order.

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