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Kansas City Chiefs defense is on their best interception run in over 10 years

The Kansas City Chiefs three consecutive games with at least two interceptions is the best run since the team had three straight games with two or more interceptions at the end of the 2003 season and start of the 2004 season. The Chiefs had four straight games with two or more picks to start the 2003 season. That team did not have a great defense but they did dominate the turnover battle with a whopping 37 turnovers from the defense. Go look at how insane their turnover ratio was that year (37 to 18).

The Chiefs oddly had just six interceptions last year. That was a really low number -- no team has finished with fewer than nine interceptions in back to back seasons -- and it didn't fit in with a defense that ended the year second in scoring. We knew before the season that interceptions were going to be higher and that is indeed the case this year. The Chiefs have eight interceptions on the season with Marcus Peters leading the way individually with three.

The Chiefs defense has played well in the past four weeks giving up point totals of 10, 13, 16 and 18. It's no coincidence that they're dominating the overall turnover battle in those games. The Chiefs defense has created eight turnovers in the past four games while the Chiefs offense has lost just one total turnover in that time. In fact, if you remove that one fluky (yes, fluky) five-turnover game against Denver in Week 2, the Chiefs have 10 turnovers from the defense with just three from the offense. The advantage we've talked about with Alex Smith is that he doesn't turn the ball over. Outside of that really bad game in Week 2, the Chiefs are doing just that.

The other good news here is that Peyton Manning has 13 interceptions this season, including a pick-six from Marcus Peters in Week 2. Can the Chiefs make it four in a row with two-plus interceptions?

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