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Bears' Jay Cutler gives Chiefs a chance to get back on track with interceptions

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs did not force a ton of turnovers last year which was a surprise considering how good the defense was. Through four games this year, the Chiefs have forced just three turnovers, and none in the past two weeks.

That's a problem.

The Chiefs, oddly, had just six interceptions last year despite not giving up a 300-yard passer. I'm not even sure how that was possible but they did it. The Chiefs have just two interceptions so far this year which puts them on pace for eight total for the season.

Before this season started, we asked Scott Kacsmar over at Football Outsiders about the Chiefs improving on their six picks from last year and how it will translate to this year.

"I'd sooner bet on at least double the picks (12-plus) than six again," Kacsmar wrote. "That's just the fluky nature of turnovers in the NFL. No team has ever finished with fewer than nine interceptions in back-to-back seasons, but the scary part is the Chiefs have been the closest, finishing with seven INTs in 2012 and six last year. Just missed that year in between when the 2013 playoff Chiefs had 21 INTs. A more effective pass rush and pure dumb luck should get them above six in 2015."

I continue to believe this will be true. The Chiefs happened to play two of the hottest quarterbacks in the NFL in the past two weeks and they're not turning the ball over. At some point though, history has shown that the Chiefs are going to have some balls thrown their way. There's no better time to prove that to be true than this Sunday against a guy who led the NFL in interceptions last year: Bears QB Jay Cutler.

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