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Chiefs' Alex Smith feels good physically despite 18 sacks this season

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs QB Alex Smith is on pace to be sacked 72 times this season which would near the record set by David Carr (76) in 2002. That doesn't even count all the times that Smith is hit after throwing the ball.

Despite getting hit so much, Alex said this week that he's feeling fine physically.

"I feel good, I do to be honest, I feel really good," Alex said, via quotes from the Chiefs. "I know it's a number and guys are looking at the total, but they're all different. I think there's a lot of weeks where maybe your sack total is not as high, but you're taking a lot of hits or you're running the football more and you're more sore."

The Chiefs have to have a real concern about Alex's health as the sacks pile up. It's not a good situation when your quarterback is hit that much. Not only does it not help the offense, but it leaves him open for an injury.

The Chiefs had more production in the second half against the Packers and did the same in Cincinnati (minus the red zone). There are some encouraging signs that the offense is beginning to get into a bit of a rhythm. The Chiefs need to continue that this week against Chicago, who doesn't have the offense to put up 30-plus points as easily as the Packers and Bengals do.