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The Kansas City Chiefs offensive line is ranked higher than you think, according to Pro Football Focus

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The Kansas City Chiefs offensive line is either much better than we thought or the rest of the NFL's offensive lines are much, much worse than I thought. That's the takeaway after reading this Pro Football Focus article which ranks the Chiefs offensive line 10th in the NFL.

PFF has the Chiefs ranked 21st in pass blocking and third in run blocking. 10th overall!

I watched Eric Fisher in my Chiefs re-watch the past couple of weeks and wrote this week that he had another solid game against the Bengals. I received a couple of emails from fans who were, uh, less than pleased with me saying that Fisher has been playing well enough.

PFF apparently agrees that Fisher has been playing well in his two games this year: "Whisper it quietly, but Eric Fisher (+4.2) has played really well since returning to right tackle."

MNChiefsfan reviewed the tape on his first preseason game - the only one he played in - and said it looked like Fisher had improved, albeit in a small sample size. We forgot all about that once the controversy over him asking out / not asking out of the Texans game surfaced in Week 1. Fisher is past the point of living up to the No. 1 pick status but he can continue to improve to be a serviceable offensive tackle for the Chiefs.

PFF writes that is has been an "impressive turnaround" for the Chiefs offensive line this year. I can see some of the positives here and there but, man, it does NOT feel like the Chiefs have the 10th best offensive line this year. You can blame it on the play calling or on Alex Smith but I think most agree that the Chiefs offensive line has been an issue this year. I'm just surprised to see PFF rank it so high.

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