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Kansas City Chiefs players prepare for 9-hour flight to London Thursday night

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The Kansas City Chiefs are going to have a loooong day. They are practicing for the second time this week and then at 7 p.m. (Arrowhead Time) this evening they're leaving for a nine-hour flight. Andy Reid said that he has played internationally before and that when you land you want to get out and get moving so he planned it so that the Chiefs could (try to) sleep on the plane overnight.

Here are some numbers on the plane they'll be flying, according to the pilot who is flying the plane here to KC.

I envy the people who can sleep on planes. I usually get close to dozing off and then we hit turbulence or my head slips off the headrest or Mrs. Arrowhead Pride starts bugging me. I can't really sleep on planes.

It sounds like some Chiefs players are the same way. Good luck on the flight!