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These hypothetical Chiefs trades would not be very good for KC

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The 2015 NFL trade deadline is next week and I don't expect to see any action for the Kansas City Chiefs because the NFL's trading deadline isn't like other leagues. It's often difficult to trade for a player's contract in the middle of the season with a salary cap and, unlike baseball and basketball, it's really difficult for a player to join a new team and make a big impact. Also, NFL teams value their draft picks more than other leagues.

Nonetheless,'s Gil Brandt looked at a few hypothetical trades around the league that would make sense, and he included three Chiefs players. His hypothetical trades would not be good ones for the Chiefs.

Brandt suggests moving Tamba Hali to the Falcons, Derrick Johnson to the Packers and Sean Smith to the Patriots. The cost of these? A sixth round pick for each.

Those players are much more valuable to the Chiefs than a sixth round pick, even if they're all in the final year of their contract.

Hali restructured his contract to return to Kansas City for what is perhaps his final NFL season. I can't imagine part of the plan would be to trade him away. DJ is an all-time Chief and Clark Hunt even once mentioned a contract extension for him. Are they going to trade the most tenured Chief on the roster? Smith is perhaps a more viable option but the Chiefs cornerbacks have had issues since Phillip Gaines went down. This would not help them. If we were talking about a more substantial price tag - maybe a mid-round pick - I might be interested. But a sixth round pick? Nah.

Head on over to the and check out the article. I would not be happy with any of those trades.

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