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In a contract year, Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson shows he still has it

I'll admit that I was concerned about Derrick Johnson's ability to come back from a torn Achilles. He relies on his athleticism and that injury will take some of that athleticism away. Plus, he's 32 years old and plays a physical position at inside linebacker.

But you know what? DJ still has it. He really does.

The Chiefs linebacker may have lost a slight step but you would have to look close to find it. His interception last weekend is a great example. This is basically a vertical leap and he goes way up to pick off a Landry Jones pass in the middle of the field. That blur you see is the Chiefs 'ol veteran linebacker extending for the ball.

"My whole thing is - the type of player I am, I've got to help the team win," DJ told reporters after the game. "It doesn't matter if I have two tackles or 10 tackles or an interception; just somehow affect the game."

That's why Chiefs fans love him and it's why his teammates love him. I noticed after his pick that it seemed like just about every teammate on the sidelines came up to congratulate him on the pick.

DJ is in a contract year. I was concerned before the season that the Chiefs wouldn't be able to re-sign him because this year would show that he's lost it. Clearly, he still has something left in the tank.

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