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An open letter for Kansas City Chiefs fans going to London

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Chiefs Kingdom,

I am Tom Childs, founder of Arrowheads Abroad.

10 months ago I made my first trip to Kansas City. Seeing the Chiefs live had always been one my priorities on my bucket list. The experience didn't disappoint. Never in my life had I felt so at home. The welcome I received from everyone in Kansas City was something that I will always be grateful. I had seen the Chiefs in person and made some new friends along the way.  It truly was a trip of a life time.

At the time of booking I thought to myself 'that will keep my Chiefs fix going for five years or so'. Little did I know that the Chiefs would be playing at a stadium just 40 miles from my house less than a year later. Seeing the Chiefs live once was amazing, now I feel spoiled.

For many of Arrowheads Abroad's 500-plus members this will be their first chance to see their team live. I know it's not Arrowhead and I know the team aren't exactly in a rich vein of form but guess what . . . We don't care. . To be a part of the chop, to see the Chiefs cheerleaders or to watch our heroes such as Derrick Johnson or Tamba Hali in action is the ultimate for us British Chiefs fans. To be able to watch the team play in the presence of 84000 other fans is a privilege many of us thought we would ever have.

As the designated home team Wembley will become a second Arrowhead on November 1st. Now I am not that naive to say that Wembley will be anywhere near as loud as Arrowhead, or to say that everyone in the ground will be supporting the Chiefs because believe me, they won't be. There will be plenty of Lions fans there too as well as AFC West supporting foes. But for that one day, there will be an enthusiasm for the Chiefs. For one day, they will become the UK's team. The Kingdoms will be united.

Due to my amazing welcome I decided that Arrowheads Abroad would do all they can to make you guys coming across from London feel as welcome as you made me back in December. As a team we have been working really hard on some events that will enhance your London experience. We hope to meet you all at least one point next weekend. 

Our events

The weekend will kick off with a bus tour of London exclusively for fans of the game. Tickets are still on sale but are selling fast. Don't miss out.

On the Saturday evening we are hosting a Halloween Party in Central London. Food and entertainment are included in the price. This promises to be a great warm up for Sunday. You can buy your tickets here.

As for game day, we are meeting at the Green Man pub which is just a five minute walk away from Wembley Stadium. We will be there from 11:00 a.m. for a couple of hours before making our way to the stadium. Be sure to come say hello.

At the time of writing the Royals are 3-2 up and are only game away from the World Series. Games 4, 5 and 6 are on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday night of the Chiefs weekend. Should the Royals make it, we have plans for the Saturday and Sunday. But we won't announce them, just in case I am being a jinx.

All of us are very excited about this weekend. Not only to see the Chiefs live, but to finally put faces to names we have been talking to online for a couple of years. The Chiefs Kingdom has a fantastic online presence that makes it easy for strangers to share their passion, the Chiefs.

Tom Childs


Arrowheads Abroad

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