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Chiefs loss to Broncos looks like the turning point in the season

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Was the Chiefs loss to the Broncos in Week 2 a turning point in the season?

I can't help but wonder this too. The Chiefs were 1-0 entering the Broncos game and have now lost five straight.

Would the Chiefs have beaten the Bengals or Packers in the following weeks? Based on their respective seasons, I would say probably not. Predicting the Chiefs to be 2-2 at this point would have been a reasonable prediction.

It does make me wonder what if the Broncos loss had an effect on the rest of the season. Would they have held on against the Bears on that final defensive drive? Would they have punched it in against the Vikings instead of falling short on fourth down? Can you even have a turning point in Week 2? Part of me wants to say it would have been different, mostly because we had such high expectations entering this season. But that's a tough argument to make with a 1-5 team. Maybe they really just are a bad team.

I like the way Sam says it here. Neither option is particularly appealing when you were a team that was supposedly competing for a division title entering the season.