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Chiefs-Vikings picks: Searching for the final Kansas City believers

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The experts are almost all picking the Minnesota Vikings over the Kansas City Chiefs. Here are at Arrowhead Pride there is some homerism going on. We're not unanimous on the Vikings like others are but there are a few believers left. Make sure you put your prediction in at the bottom.

Joel Thorman: Chiefs 16 Vikings 20

The Chiefs keep it close but they can't score consistently. Teddy Bridgewater pulls a Cutler and eludes every pass rush throwing bombs.

MNChiefsfan: Chiefs 17 Vikings 24

I'll be at this game live. STOP IT!!!!! I was there for the win against the Seahawks! It's NOT ME, GUYS!!!

Anyway... yeah. The team is a mess. The Vikings are a decent squad. I just don't see it. The Chiefs have played with as little fire as I've seen since 2012. Whether the Broncos loss sucked the life out of them, or whether they've lost faith in Reid / Smith / Sutton / God / Whatever, they are just not a team I'm confident in to beat... well, anyone at this point.

Matt Conner: Chiefs 21 Vikings 13

"I will go down with this ship" -Dido

I have to believe. I have to. The veteran coaching staff. The preseason expectations. The depth. The Pro Bowl caliber players. The season-opening win and the ridiculous feat it took for them to lose in Week 2. The madness has to stop, right? It's possible to win 11 in a row, right? This team can't have this many holes, right? I will drown on board this ship before I truly believe the Chiefs will go 1-5.

Clay Wendler: Chiefs 10 Vikings 28

It's about time for this team to start quitting. Without Dontari Poe or Jamaal Charles the Chiefs most likely won't be running the ball or stopping the run in Minnesota, which means it's basically left to Alex Smith to save the day. So why put in any effort at all? Take it easy, Chiefs. It's not worth it.

Stagdsp: Chiefs N/A Vikings N/A

Each week I pick the Chiefs, and lately, that's not working out very well. I have no idea what to expect this week. Either they get the season back on track with a convincing victory or they lose another game they should win. Contrary to the narrative, the Chiefs have played very well at times. They've been beat by crazy plays, and they've clearly allowed themselves to be demoralized when things start to go wrong. You just can't pick that kind of team.

Super G: Chiefs 28 Vikings 19

Yeah ... I'll still pick the Chiefs. I've picked them the past five weeks, so why stop now? Old habits die hard. Reid and Smith have the same problem with their old habits, so why can't I? I'll gladly continue to be dysfunctional with them, cuz you know, family. Charcandrick West runs for 200 yards, Smith gets benched after a poor first half, and Daniel comes in and leads the Chiefs to glorious victory in Minnesota. The Chiefs end up going undefeated for the rest of the season with Daniel at the helm. It's gonna happen, you guys.

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