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Two drives that doomed the Kansas City Chiefs season

The Kansas City Chiefs are 1-4 and the blame can be passed all around. Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense simply hasn't been good enough. The defense, which was great last year, has not been good enough. Andy Reid's play calling and coaching decisions have not been good enough. The blame can be given to pretty much every person on the Chiefs roster and coaching staff.

So far this season, two drives stand out as ones that doomed the Chiefs, and they're both on the defense. (Again, I'm not putting it all on the defense - these two just stand out the most)

The first one came in Week 2 against the Broncos. The Chiefs held a seven-point lead over Denver and kicked off to them with just over two minutes left. They were hoping to hold Peyton Manning and the Broncos for the win. Well...

The result: 10 plays, 80 yards in 1:51 for a Broncos touchdown

IF the Chiefs defense stopped them there, they win the game and they are 2-0. The Packers and Bengals losses don't look so bad when you're 2-2.

The second drive that stands out came last week against Chicago. The Chiefs offense couldn't pick up a first down and punted to the Bears with just over two minutes left. In a very similar situation to the Broncos, the Chiefs needed a stop and the Bears had to go 67 yards in two minutes to win the game. And the Bears did just that.

The result: 8 plays, 67 yards in 1:46 for a Bears touchdown

IF the Chiefs defense stopped them there, they win the game.

Again, there are a million other drives you can look at. If Jamaal Charles didn't fumble on the ensuing possession in the Broncos game, they're probably going to overtime. If the Chiefs offense didn't go three-and-out before punting to Chicago, they probably win the game.

There are a lot of drives you can look at and say if this one thing happened, it would be different. That's true of most NFL games. But when I look back at the Chiefs 1-4 start, these two drives stick out the most.

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