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NFL picks, Week 6: No question Vikings beat Chiefs, according to these predictions

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Soooo ... no one is picking the Kansas City Chiefs to beat the Minnesota Vikings.

Actually, I take that back. Some people are picking the Chiefs. Among 52 Chiefs-Vikings predictions that I looked up on various national websites, I found two people picking the Chiefs. Two! They are's Conor Orr and ESPN's Eric Allen. They are your believers.

We still have the Arrowhead Pride picks to come -- spoiler: there are Chiefs picks in there -- but it really is amazing to me how far the Chiefs have fallen. These predictions say much more about the Chiefs than they do the Vikings. Most of these people are probably picking against the Chiefs rather than for the Vikings.

Here are the round up of Chiefs-Vikings picks:

SB Nation: 0/8 pick Chiefs

USA Today: 0/7 pick Chiefs

Fox Sports: 0/8 pick Chiefs 1/5 pick Chiefs

CBS Sports: 0/8 pick Chiefs

ESPN: 1/14 pick Chiefs

PFT: 0/2 pick Chiefs