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Adrian Peterson plans to reach out to Jamaal Charles

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Running backs stick together, apparently. The KC media spoke to Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peters this week and asked him about the ACL tear suffered by Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles last weekend.

Peterson, who missed most of last season for very different reasons, said he plans to reach out to Jamaal at some point.

"Man, it's drastic," Peterson said when asked about Jamaal's injury (via quotes from the Chiefs). "You know, it's not what you look forward to dealing with. Mentally, it's a struggle, you know, but knowing Jamaal (Charles), he'll bounce back. He'll bounce back. I hate to see him go down like that, man, it hurt me to the core (to see) my guy go down, and on the opposite leg as well. He's been through it before with the left knee and now he knows what to kind of expect doing the rehab and recovering from it, so that's one positive.

"Me, personally, I'm going to make sure I reach out to him during the offseason because I know he's back down in Texas and stuff, try and get him to come work out with my guy and, you know, to get him back to doing what he does best."

Peterson told KC reporters that he did reach out Eric Berry already but planned to give Jamaal some time because he remembers his phone blowing up after his ACL injury.

The way you hear Chiefs teammates and now opponents talk about him, it's clear how special he really is. Get back soon, Jamaal.