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Chiefs' Knile Davis says pass blocking was like Chinese when he first came into the league

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Kansas City Chiefs RB Knile Davis has a big opportunity ahead of him now that he and Charcandrick West move up a spot on the depth chart with Jamaal Charles' injury. Davis had seemingly been phased out of the offense with no offensive touches in weeks until Jamaal went down.

"It's real tough," Davis admitted (via quotes from the Chiefs) when asked about not getting any offensive touches from Week 2 to the second half last week. "Especially when you put a lot of work into it, but at the same time, sometimes you just have to sacrifice for the better of the team. And that's kind of where I was, but now I've got an opportunity to play so I'm excited."

Davis is obviously a special athlete physically but a lot of people in the NFL are. Two big things he needed to work on entering the league were pass catching and pass blocking. As for the latter, Davis said he has come a long way.

"I mean, a big growth," Davis said when asked about his pass blocking progression. "At first when I came in the league it was Chinese, trying to figure out where people are coming from. Now I've got a good idea where they're coming from and that helps and makes a big difference."

Pass blocking is one of the harder parts of evaluating running backs because we tend to follow the ball but just ask Alex Smith how important it is. Pass catching is a little more obvious because everyone can see a drop.

"I'm confident and in practice I do a good job of it," Davis said of his pass catching, "and the situations this year - preseason and earlier this season when I was asked to catch the ball I caught the ball," Davis said.

Andy Reid said that the Chiefs like both backs for different situations. I imagine the Chiefs are going to play to their strengths and use Davis for more running plays and West for more passing plays. At least that's my guess as we enter the post-Jamaal era for this season.

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