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Watch these Royals fans dominate the celebration in Kansas City (cc: Chiefs fans)

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The Kansas City Chiefs 2015 season has been ... not good. But that's OK! The Royals beat the Astros in the ALDS and move onto the ALCS. While our friends at Royals Review are celebrating, we wanted to remind Chiefs fans what it looks like to see this city celebrating.

When the #royals win!

A video posted by Deana Bonner (@deananicole21) on

[press play] ALCS HERE WE COME (cc: @kcroyals)

A video posted by Kelsey Wolf (@kelswolf) on

We in there like swimwear BABY!!!!! #StillROYAL #WorldSeries #PartyLikeIts1985

A video posted by Shaun Janee (@soul__sistah) on

When in Kansas City - #takethecrown #goroyals #goblue

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