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Grading Andy Reid: Week 5 vs. Chicago bears

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Who else threw up in their mouth after the Kansas City Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears was over on Sunday? The 2013 and 2014 seasons may have been good or average Andy Reid years, but it appears the Chiefs are getting the abysmal 2012 Eagles version of Andy Reid in 2015. Before I make myself any more angry, lets get into Reid's grade for Week 5.

We're keeping the same grading scale as before.  I think we may have perfected the scale, but I am still open to any and all suggestions.

Grading Criteria (Points Possible)

  • Player preparedness / discipline (20)
  • Offensive play calling (30)
  • Game altering decisions (30)
  • Clock management (20)
Without any further delay let's revisit the game against the Bears and assign Reid his grade. Once again I'll try and keep this short as masochism isn't my thing.

Player Preparedness / Discipline

Once again the Chiefs appeared to lack passion. Even when the defense was shutting out the Bears offense, the team didn't appear to be extremely motivated. Something about the way the Chiefs have played this year appears as if the team is just 'going through the motions.' It takes more than that to win in the NFL. The team needs a spark in the worst way, and as crazy as this sounds changing the starting QB may be a good way to get the teams attention.

Below are factors that affected the grade for player preparedness.
  • As stated above, once again the Chiefs came out flat. The team appears to just be 'going through the motions.'
  • Donald Stephenson's lack of focus on the FG attempt in the third quarter cost the Chiefs three points that may have won them the game. Stephenson wasn't beaten by his man, he beat himself.
  • At the end of the game DAT dillie-dallied on the kickoff return. It appeared as though he was attempting to run out the clock, not preserve it. The nine extra yards he gained was not worth the precious seconds that came off the clock. Of course if he breaks one its a completely different story.
  • In one positive the Chiefs were penalized only three times but it's not so positive when one of those three penalties was a Marcus Peters pass interference that set up the Bears to win the game.
  • The Chiefs didn't turn the ball over so they had that going for them, which is nice.
Reid needs more focus in his players. He also needs to light a fire in the team. Just going through the motions week in and week out will not do that.

Player Preparedness / Discipline Grade:  3/20

Offensive Play Calling

The offense in Week 5 had more balance than in weeks past in terms of run vs pass. However, this didn't help the Chiefs any as they were only able to score a meager 10 points against the WORST points per game defense in the NFL going into Week 5. Even though there was more balance in the offense, there should have been more run plays because the passing game was virtually ineffective. Below are factors that played a role in Reid's grade in Week 5.
  • In the start of the second half, with the Chiefs up 17-3, Reid chose to hand the ball off six consecutive times. The result was an average of seven yards per carry and the Chiefs pushing the ball into Chicago territory. This was a good thing. Two of these runs were six and nine yard gains by West. If the Chiefs would have kept running the ball even after Charles got hurt they would have had a better shot to win the game.
  • The drive that made the least sense and probably cost the Chiefs the game. The Chiefs got the ball with 13:04 left in the fourth quarter up 17-6. Instead of running the ball and working the clock Reid chose to throw three consecutive passes with Smith. Did anyone notice how poorly Smith and the passing game was playing at this point? I understand wanting to remain aggressive, but the running game was not doing poorly enough for Reid to abandon handing the ball off to West. In fact the Chiefs were having some success running the ball with him earlier in the game. If anything should have been abandoned it should have been the passing game. If something is working in the game MAKE the other team stop you.
  • The other drive that made no sense and probably also cost the Chiefs the game. With the Chiefs up 17-6 again Reid chose to go with plays that haven't been working. Except this time Reid chose to go with the running back who hasn't shown anything the entire year. West was playing well enough to deserve the handoffs with 9:25 left in the game. Instead Reid dialed up two run plays with Knile Davis who has not impressed this season. The result was another three and out.
  • The Chiefs scored 10 offensive points against the worst points per game defense in the NFL. How long should we let this inconsistent and nonsensical offense be led by Reid's play calling?
I really can't iterate this enough. The Chiefs probably win the game if they kept giving the ball to West even after Charles was hurt. In the second half West had five runs for nine, six, six, five and one yards. After the one yard run Reid pretty much gave up on West. It's amazing how much patience Reid has for the ineptitude of Smith's passing game, yet he completely abandoned the run game after a single one yard run by West.. In a game where you have a two score lead in the fourth quarter and the passing game is not working, but the running game is showing some promise -- keep running the ball. Once again Reid chose to over think things and not make the other team stop what was working.

Offensive Play Calling Grade:  0/30

Game Altering Decisions

There really weren't many game altering decisions in this game. Unless you count Reid's decision to not run the ball when they probably should have been. Below are the only items I saw that could possible come into question as far as the game altering decisions are concerned.
  • Second Quarter 4:13 - fourth and 7 on Bears 40. This would have been a 57 yard FG. Reid chose to punt. The score was 14-3 and the Chiefs were stopping the Bears regularly. Punting and playing the field position game was the right decision.
  • The last play of the game. Reid elected to kick a 66 yard field goal into the wind. This is about as desperate as it gets. One would have to think a Hail Mary would be more effective in this situation... wait never mind, the QB likes to scramble and take a slide when a hail Mary is needed. Reid made the right decision here also.
All in all there weren't too many calls for Reid to affect the game in terms of game altering decisions. However I'm still upset about the lack of run plays to West when the team was inept at everything else, so I'm going to take 10 points off because the choice to not run the ball was still a game altering decision.

Game Altering Decisions Grade:  20/30

Clock Management

I don't think I have ever been as angry with clock management and Andy Reid as I was in this game. Below is the reason:
  • With 57 seconds left in the game, and the Bears knocking on the door of the end zone, Reid elected not to call a time out - even though they had two remaining. The Bears were on the Chiefs seven yard line. Sometimes as a coach you have to have intuition. Was there really any doubt the Bears were going to take the lead? Reid HAS to take the timeout with 50 seconds left in the game. Instead the Bears let roughly 25 seconds run off the clock which practically crushed any hopes for the Chiefs having much time to get the ball down the field after the Bears scored. This is as bad as it gets. It makes absolutely no sense for Reid not to call the time out. Was he thinking the Bears would let the clock run out before they scored -- even though they had a timeout remaining of their own?
These two situations really cost Reid in his clock management grade.

Clock Management Grade:  0/20

Overall Grade:  23/100

This may have been Reid's worst moment in Kansas City, and that is saying a lot. I still really like Reid as a head coach, but the bad decisions have to stop. I think some fans can live with his poor clock management, but the play calling has to get better.

2015 Average Grade:  59.6

Serious questions need to arise with Reid being the head coach for the Chiefs. Who is actually to blame? Is it Alex Smith? Is it Reid? I do believe there is something to be said for sticking with a head coach through the difficult times. Look no further than Marvin Lewis and the Bengals. It really depends on whether or not Hunt believes in Reid, and also how long Reid continues to lead a dysfunctional product on the field.

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