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Andy Reid says Chiefs sense of urgency needs to be better: "We all need to pick it up"

Interesting quote from Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who was asked on Monday if the team has been missed a sense of urgency to this point.

"I think it can be better," Reid said.

That answer caught my eye. Reid has repeatedly praised this team's work ethic and effort and the way they approach the game. Not that this is questioning their work ethic or anything but you're starting to get in the same ball park by talking about the sense of urgency.

"We all need to pick it up," Reid continued. "You have to raise the level and you have to do it right now, right now. That's how it works when you're 1-4, that's how it works."

This is the right attitude. Reid can say he loves how hard his team is working and all that but the fact of the matter is that they're 1-4. That's not good enough by anyone's standards, especially not a team that thought they would be competing for an AFC West title this year.

"There's a time that your, obviously, your character is going to be tested, right?" Reid said. "So, there are not a lot of people that are patting you on the back and saying how good you're doing. You got to reach a little deeper and pull together, and good things can happen when guys do that."

The Chiefs (long) road to recovery starts on Sunday in Minnesota.

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