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Jamaal Charles: 'Best believe this is just a minor set back'

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Jamaal Charles will be back. My faith in that is strong.

Here's what the Kansas City Chiefs RB tweeted on Monday after an MRI confirmed he had a torn ACL and is done for the season.

Andy Reid talked about being confident in Jamaal coming back because he's done this before and the type of attitude he will attack his rehab with.

"I talked to him (on Sunday)," Reid said. "He's obviously down, but he's positive about coming back and getting himself back. That's where his energy will be directed now - getting through the surgery and getting himself back to where he can play. And that's where it should be. He's not a selfish guy, he feels like he let the team down - but that's not the case at all."

Of course Jamaal felt like he let his team down. That's not the case at all but it's not surprising that a team guy like Jamaal feels like that.