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MRI confirms Jamaal Charles tore his ACL

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

It's now official. Jamaal Charles' injury is a torn ACL. He is out for the season.

There was never really any doubt that it was a torn ACL because these doctors are too good but there was that sliver of hope.

As for the next step, I direct you to this article from former NFL team doctor David Chao:

If there is a silver lining, Charles has several factors that could work in his favor. First, this was the other knee as the left knee injured in 2011 was sparred. Second, he knows how to successfully rehab as he has been through this before. Athletes who tear their ACL have a 95% chance to return to the same level. Finally, an October injury gives 11 months before the next regular season game.

He'll be back. It won't be soon enough ... but he'll be back.

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