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Bears-Chiefs predictions: Kansas City's season is toast if they lose this one

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The Kansas City Chiefs are 10-point favorites over the Chicago Bears. Here are the Arrowhead Pride predictions for the game...

Joel Thorman: Bears 13 Chiefs 24

I'm calling this a "get right" game for the Chiefs. They are the better team and no one is questioning that. Even an average performance should get them a win. But I think they pick off Jay Cutler a couple of times and turn that into points. The Chiefs take control early and don't look back.

MNChiefsfan: Bears 24 Chiefs 34

The Chiefs defense has me legitimately terrified at this point. It's been bad enough that I think the Bears are going to make this game competitive. On the other hand, the Chiefs offense MIGHT be ready to take a step forward against a weak defense. Smith has been looking for (and finding) Jeremy Maclin more often. There has been a slight decrease in packaged plays and an increase in more traditional routes. Hopefully Reid sees what's working (and more importantly, what isn't) and decides it's time to see what the offense can do operating in a pistol or shotgun spread 95 percent of the time. Cross your fingers.

Super G: Bears 13 Chiefs 24

Yet ever so humble, there's no place like home. The Chiefs are the more talented team and they make good on one of their few home appearances in the first 10 games of the season. Jamaal Charles gashes the Bears defense for a couple of huge runs. The defense actually looks like it might not be terrible.

Matt Conner: Bears 3 Chiefs 21

Both teams need this win. The Bears and Chiefs are both 1-3, but they're looking at a stretch where it is possible to be even at 3-3 after six weeks. The Bears already beat the Raiders last week and face the pitiful Lions next week, so they're picturing a mental three-game win streak on their positive thinking days. The Chiefs, on the other hand, need a rebound but are likely picturing the same winning scenario since the Bears represent a serious fall from the level of their most recent competition.

So let's drink the Koolaid for one more week before trading it for whiskey the rest of the year.

I have to go with the Chiefs just because there's still a large part of me that believes in the preseason hype — that saw the way they opened the season, that witnessed the pummeling of the Broncos (even if they also beat themselves up), that sees just how many impact players the Chiefs supposedly have at every level. So let's drink the Koolaid for one more week before trading it for whiskey the rest of the year.

Stagdsp: Bears 21 Chiefs 34

I hate saying "must win" but the home team had better win this one. I originally had it in my head that the Bears were terrible but (based on box score scouting) they have actually had a similar path thus far as the Chiefs.  Both are 1-3, having lost to three very good teams and each beating a mediocre team.  Two of the Bears losses were lopsided but then again,  Jimmy Clausen was starting...

Really, this week SHOULD be about the Chiefs re-establishing their identity as a good football team with a very good defense. I think they win in fairly convincing fashion.

Clay Wendler: Bears 21 Chiefs 24

The Chiefs and Bears are both 1-3. This will be a matchup of teams desperate for a win. The loser is realistically eliminated from the playoff race, as I can't imagine the history of 1-4 teams ends in many postseason berths. Since the Chiefs are mostly losing games this year because of critical turnovers, I'll say they right that ship this week at home, and take the safety-conscious Alex Smith over a rather careless Jay Cutler.

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