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NFL's defensive rookie of the month goes to ... not Marcus Peters

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Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

I thought we would be hearing today that Kansas City Chiefs CB Marcus Peters won the rookie of the month award. But nah ...

Buffalo Bills CB Ronald Darby was a second round pick while the Chiefs took Marcus Peters in the first round.

Both have been solid players so you can't really go wrong with this choice. I know stats aren't everything but let's compare their stats so far.

  • Both players have 15 tackles.
  • Both have two interceptions
  • Peters has 55 interception return yards, including one touchdown. Darby has 48 interception yards but not touchdown.
  • Darby has eight passes defensed while Peters has seven passes defensed. Peters had seven in the first two games and did not record one against Green Bay (because Aaron Rodgers hardly threw his way).
  • Peters has faced Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers while Darby has faced Andrew Luck and Tom Brady.

Of course as someone in Kansas City I think this should go to Peters but I didn't realize just how close their stats were.

Should this have gone to Peters instead?