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Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs had a lot of drops last year

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Any Kansas City Chiefs fan who watched all of last season's games realize that the Chiefs not only failed to throw a touchdown pass to a receiver but that those receivers also dropped a lot of passes. Dropped passes isn't a statistic found in the usual box score but Pro Football Focus does keep track of those.

According to PFF (via Sacramento Bee), the Chiefs ranked second in the total number of drops last year with 37. They were actually tied with the Baltimore Ravens with those 37 drops while the Indianapolis Colts led the league with 40 drops.

But the Colts and Ravens threw the ball more than the Chiefs. So when you break it down by drops per pass attempt, the Chiefs jump to the top with one drop per 13.3 pass attempts.

This is just something to pass along. It doesn't reveal anything new that we didn't already know -- that the Chiefs need an overhaul at the receiver position.