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Which Kansas City Chiefs WR not named Dwayne Bowe played the most?

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I follow the Kansas City Chiefs pretty dang closely for this blog so there's not a lot that gets past me. But I did come across a question today from ESPN's Adam Teicher that really stumped me. A seemingly easy question, too.

Dwayne Bowe obviously played the most snaps at receiver this season. Donnie Avery would've been a guess but he hardly played after his injury in the first month of the season. AJ Jenkins was also in there regularly for a bit but he was placed on IR during the season. Jason Avant was added to the roster late in the season. Frankie Hammond played regularly in just a couple of games. De'Anthony Thomas wasn't on the field enough to be up there.

I sat here thinking and thinking and I just didn't know the answer. So I looked it up, and Teicher tweeted out the answer. The answer is Junior Hemingway. Can you believe that? He had 12 receptions for 108 yards on the year. It seems like he fell down the depth chart as the season went on but he did dress for most of the games, which the others can't say.

Here is the final list from Teicher: