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Andy Reid will continue to call plays for the Kansas City Chiefs next season

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Reid's play calling is the reason the Kansas City Chiefs can look so good. Andy Reid's play calling is also the reason the Chiefs can be so frustrating to watch.

We all have our qualms about Andy Reid as a play caller but the Chiefs coach confirmed in an interview with Jay Binkley and Henry Lake on 610 Sports that he will continue to calling the plays.

"I think [offensive coordinator] Doug [Pederson] would be very good at [calling plays]," Reid said. "I've done that early in my career with Marty Mornhinweg [calling plays]. I missed it. I enjoy doing it.

"So right now I'm not in that frame of mind to do that. I've gotten out of the personnel department. I'm not doing that anymore. I've kind of narrowed things down where I'm feeling comfortable where I can call the plays, manage the games and do it at a decent level."

What I love about Reid's play calling is the first 15 plays the Chiefs script out each week. On some weeks, they come out and those first 15 plays make the Chiefs look like a Super Bowl-caliber offense. And then something happens during the game where we're scratching our heads about a play call Reid had.

Ultimately, Reid should continue to be the play caller. That's why he is a coveted coach, and a reason his teams have won so many games. The Chiefs can be frustrating with him as a play caller but ultimately it's the best situation.