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Super Bowl picks: Predictions for New England Patriots vs. Seattle Seahawks

The Super Bowl is finally here. Will the Seahawks repeat or can the Patriots earn their fourth title since 2001? Here are our Super Bowl predictions.

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Super Bowl XLIX will get rolling this Sunday, finally with all the hoopla and nonsense out of the way. In the game we have the league's two best teams, provided they aren't playing our Kansas City Chiefs.

The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will do battle in Glendale, Ariz. at University of Phoenix Stadium, looking to put another notch in their respective belts. Seattle could become a team etched in history with a win, giving it consecutive titles. The Patriots would earn their fourth Super Bowl win since 2001 with a victory, tying Tom Brady with Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana for the most all-time as a quarterback.

So who do we see winning the game?

Matt Verderame: Seahawks 23, Patriots 21

I'm a huge believer in defense, and Seattle has the best defense of the past 10 years. The Seahawks are going to frustrate Brady and force a turnover or two, giving Russell Wilson a short field. Seattle doesn't have a great offense, but Wilson and Marshawn Lynch will make enough happen. The Seahawks are not a flashy team, but they get the job done and know how to exploit weaknesses. The Patriots are the more talented group, but Seattle is a better team.

Seth Keysor: Patriots 30, Seahawks 27

Lost in the shuffle of last year's dominant win for the Seahawks was how badly Carroll out coached John fox. That's not going to happen this year. Chiefs fans have seen firsthand how the Seahawks defense is a little vulnerable to smash mouth football without Mebane, and BB has undoubtedly seen that too. I expect a ton of heavy formations. Also, that secondary can't stop Gronk the way they can elite WR's. Finally, due to an unreal comeback everyone is quietly forgetting how horrible Russell Wilson was two weeks ago. I don't see it for the hawks.

NJ Chiefs Fan: Seahawks 1, Patriots 0

Seattle wins 1-0 by forfeit. NE is disqualified when the deflate-gate smoking gun is discovered Saturday morning. It implicates the highest levels of the organization and also brings to light renewed covert taping after the butt kicking from KC.

With no game to air, the network just loops the commercials with a pause for the Katy Perry halftime show. Vegas has a breakdown.

Joel Thorman: Patriots 30, Seahawks 28

Touchdown Tom does it again.

Matt Conner: Seahawks 30, Patriots 24

Touchdown Tom will keep things close, but I like the Seahawks defense way too much to bet against them. I'll also take the OVER on DeflateGate mentions, no matter what the number is set at.

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