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Clark Hunt wants Peyton Manning to return so Chiefs can beat him

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John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt joined 810 WHB on Friday afternoon and said something some of you may disagree with.

The Chiefs owner said that he hopes Peyton Manning returns to the Denver Broncos this year.

Wait, what? The dude the Chiefs have only beaten once ever, you want him to return? WHY, CLARK, WHY?

As it turns out, he wants Manning to return for a very specific reason. Hunt said that Manning is one of the biggest competitors in the history of the game and that he personally wants him to come back ... so that the Chiefs can beat him. Because that's something they haven't done enough of.

I personally don't want Manning to come back because of the pain and suffering that evil, evil man has caused me as a Chiefs fan. But if he did come back, I would only approve if it meant the Chiefs could beat him -- at least once. The Chiefs, as you might know, are 0-6 against the Manning-led Broncos. In fact, the Chiefs have beaten Manning just one time ever.

I guess I could be OK with beating him one more time.