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Super Bowl ticket prices were much cheaper when the Chiefs were in it

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Super Bowl XLIV ticket prices ... not cheap.

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I just went onto StubHub and saw that the cheapest 2015 Super Bowl ticket available is $6,905. The cheapest!

The cost of Super Bowl tickets is just insanity. The New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks each have big fan bases so there should be no shortage of buyers for those.

The cost of Super Bowl tickets way back when the Chiefs were in the game is much more reasonable. The Chiefs played (and lost to) the Packers in the first Super Bowl in 1967. The cost of tickets for that game was $12, which is the equivalent of $85 today. Could you imagine dropping just $85 on a Super Bowl ticket?!

The cost per TV commercial in the first Super Bowl was $42,000. NBC is charging $4.5 million per spot on Sunday. Four. Point. Five. Million.

I have been to a couple of Super Bowls in my lifetime. This was for media so I definitely wasn't paying for a ticket. I remember sitting in my seat looking around and realizing how many people there were that were willing to drop thousands on a ticket (let alone the cost of travel, which is a whole other scheme and how you pay $500 a night for a Motel 6).

What's the most you would spend to see the Chiefs in the Super Bowl?