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Former Chief Geoff Schwartz says Eric Fisher got better, someone will pay Rodney Hudson

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Former Kansas City Chiefs guard Geoff Schwartz is now with the New York Giants but he took time to talk with Danny Parkins and Carrington Harrison of 610 Sports. They're all down in Arizona where it is the same temperature (55 degrees ... at the time of this posting).

Schwartz is a former Chiefs offensive lineman so of course Danny and Carrington asked him for his take on the Chiefs offensive line. Schwartz said he watched a few Chiefs games this year while he was out most of the season with an injury.

Listen to Schwartz's full interview here.

Here's what he said:

LT Eric Fisher: "I thought Eric Fisher played better than he did his rookie year. That was kinda evident I think. We can all agree on that. He got better as the season went on."

G Jeff Allen: "Losing Jeff Allen was huge."

C Rodney Hudson: "Rodney Hudson is a great football player. He'll get paid accordingly. I don't know if the Chiefs will do it but someone will do it. He's a good football player."

G Zach Fulton: "Young guard, I mean when you're a rookie, a lot of rookies struggle. It's what it is. (Cowboys guard) Zach Martin is the outlier. Not everyone is that good as a rookie."

RT Donald Stephenson: "With Donald being out, I don't know why he didn't play when he came back. I'm not in the market so I don't know what he said or what he did. I was surprised he didn't play anymore."

"I mean, the offense was still functioning," Schwartz said. "I watched a lot of Chiefs games. Jamaal had a good season. Alex, he got sacked a couple times but it wasn't like he couldn't throw the ball."

Schwartz said he stays in touch with some of the Chiefs players today. Take a few minutes to listen to the interview here.

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