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How many times has a team beaten both Super Bowl teams?

The Chiefs did it this year. Who else has?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As you know the Kansas City Chiefs are basically Super Bowl champions* after beating both the New England Patriots (Week 4, 41-14) and Seattle Seahawks (Week 11, 24-20) this season.

I got to wondering the other day, how often has a team beaten both Super Bowl teams in the same season?

Turns out, 18 times it has happened. The Chiefs were the team to do it this year. The Colts beat both the Seahawks and Broncos in 2013. No team did it in 2012 or 2011.

You can see the entire table at Football Perspective.

This has actually happened twice in a season multiple times. Both the Eagles and Giants beat both Super Bowl teams -- Pittsburgh and Arizona -- in 2008. The 2000 Baltimore Ravens played the Giants in the Super Bowl. Both the Ravens and Giants lost to Washington and Tennessee that year. In 1980, the same thing happened with two teams beating both the Super Bowl teams.

Also interesting is the final record of the team who beat both. Only three of those records are worse than the Chiefs 9-7 record in 2014.

Someone at your Super Bowl party will ask this question. And you can now sound smart by answering it.

*I guarantee I will receive an email from a reader who feels the need to correct me and point out that the Chiefs actually did not win the Super Bowl. The person who does this is a bad person and has no friends.

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