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Kansas City Chiefs had over $1 million in fines last season

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Did you realize the Kansas City Chiefs were fined a whole bunch of money last year?

The NFL doesn't make their weekly fines public so maybe you didn't. The Chiefs, according to a report from the Indianapolis Star, were 9th in the NFL in total amount of money fined by the league. That number is $1.02 million, which is $3 million behind the NFL fine leader Indianapolis Colts ($4.02 million).

These fines come for hitting the quarterback late or roughing the quarterback or looking at the quarterback in a really mean way. Most fines come because of something to do with the quarterback.

This list also includes players who were suspended. So Donald Stephenson's missed pay for his four-game suspension counts into the Chiefs list. So is Dwayne Bowe and his $8.75 million salary last season.

The best fine from the Chiefs 2014 season was probably Travis Kelce's "obscene gesture", which netted him a fine over $11,000. His response was pretty great, too.

To recap here, the gesture above is worthy of an $11,000 fine. The spear below is not worthy of a fine. Good job, good effort, NFL.

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