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This 2015 NFL mock draft has Marcus Mariota dropping to the Kansas City Chiefs

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Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It seems like the Kansas City Chiefs have been connected to more quarterbacks in NFL mock drafts than they ever have. It appears the 2015 NFL Draft will be the same way.'s Bucky Brooks released his 2015 NFL mock draft yesterday and guess who he has the Chiefs selecting with the 18th overall pick.

Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.

"Given Andy Reid's reputation for developing quarterbacks," Brooks writes, "Kansas City would be the ideal spot for Mariota to grow into a franchise player."

First, let's just imagine Mariota on the Chiefs. Chase Daniel is probably gone. Mariota is your backup. Terrelle Pryor, Tyler Bray and Aaron Murray fight it out for the third spot. If Mariota turned into a great quarterback no one would say this was too high or that they didn't need him. That's just the way it works with quarterbacks: It's all worth it if he works out.

Second, I don't think Mariota falls to the Chiefs at No. 18. He looks like the best or second best (Jameis Winston) quarterback in this draft. There aren't enough good quarterbacks in the NFL to bank on a player like Mariota falling to No. 18. We're still very early in the draft process so the perceived draft stock of a player can still change.

Third, I thought the first round quarterback talk would be dead after Alex Smith's extension. Apparently not.

Would you do it?