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If we're just giving Pro Bowls away ... Alex Smith > Andy Dalton

I mean, if we're just giving Pro Bowls away ... Alex Smith > Andy Dalton.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

So, this news came out today:

As the seventh alternate.

Now, I'll probably regret making an argument about the Pro Bowl because the Pro Bowl itself is pretty dumb but I can't help it. Give me Alex Smith over Andy Dalton on the 2015 Pro Bowl roster.

The numbers show this:

Andy Dalton: 309/481 (64.2 percent), 3,398 yards, 19 TDs, 17 INTs, 7.1 YPA

Alex Smith: 303/464 (65.3 percent), 3,265 yards, 18 TDs, 6 INTs, 7.0 YPA

Smith is ELITE at not turning the ball over. Turnovers are one of the strongest indicators of winning and losing. Thus, Smith's lead over Dalton in that category and their similarity in others tells me that Smith's play is more deserving of a Pro Bowl nod than Dalton.

Either way, the Pro Bowl is dumb.

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