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Kansas City Chiefs safeties were much stronger than we thought this season

Nick Jacobs is a producer at Time Warner Cable SportsChannel. You can follow him on Twitter @Jacobs71.

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The Kansas City Chiefs safety position was loaded with question marks entering last season. While Kendrick Lewis and Quintin Demps left the team, the Chiefs were able to re-sign Husain Abdullah and move Ron Parker to his natural position at safety.

Here's what we learned about the Chiefs safeties this year:

Husain Abdullah

The six-year veteran was a big factor in the Chiefs Wild Card playoff game at the end of the 2013 season. He earned an opportunity to come back in 2014. Abdullah's instincts in playing the ball and diagnosing plays came back to him this season after a year out of football in 2012. He does a good job communicating with other members of the secondary to get on the same page. Abdullah has the ability to help split the field in half and has solid discipline in his responsibilities.

Ron Parker

Parker found a home on the Chiefs defense in 2014. He showed a knack for playing single high safety while keeping everything in front of him. Kansas City was able to take advantage of his natural skill set while moving him to safety following Eric Berry's diagnosis. Parker is able to stay disciplined, track the football, keep everything in front of him and bring attitude in his tackles. The Chiefs found themselves a natural safety for their single high position. Parker has the speed and range to be effective in the zone safety role, too. He struggles when asked to press and perform man coverage.

Kurt Coleman

Coleman did a good job in the third safety spot of reading and reacting to plays. He remained disciplined and the role didn't look too big for him. Ultimately, Coleman brings solid depth to the roster.

Kelcie McCray

The former Buc was behind the curve when he joined the team during training camp via trade from Tampa Bay. McCray found a home on special teams with 301 snaps. He was a solid blocker for the returns and provided depth at the safety position.

Daniel Sorensen

The rookie was brought on the roster to help on coverages and returns. He saw 141 snaps on special teams. Sorensen struggled in spring practices and training camp at the safety position so he will need to learn discipline and continue to grow at tracking the football.

Eric Berry

Berry returned to spring practices in outstanding condition. I remember one day he went through an entire practice, ran hills, then jogged across three football fields to do an interview with the media. Most would be worn out after one of those activities let alone all three. Berry wasn't even out of breath. That was a guy in really good condition. His ankle injury early in the season kept him out for a substantial amount of time before he returned against the Raiders.

And then the tragic news nobody saw coming. I hope he beats cancer and it never returns.  Right now, football and his potential timetable to return are irrelevant. His health and beating this is the number one thing.


The Chiefs are solid at this position. Depth is something they should continue to look.

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