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Patriots, Seahawks seasons changed after losing to Chiefs

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The Kansas City Chiefs have a unique connection to Super Bowl 2015 as they beat both teams playing in the game the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Considering the Chiefs also lost to the Tennessee Titans and Oakland Raiders and missed the playoffs, I'm not sure if beating both Super Bowl teams is supposed to make me feel good or bad.

But win the Chiefs did against two of the NFL's best teams. What's interesting is that the Chiefs win seemed to mark a line in the sand for the Patriots and Seahawks on their season. Both teams have talked about how the loss to the Chiefs changed their season.

Let's take a look at what some folks were saying about those games.

Week 4, Chiefs beat Patriots


"It might be the worst beating I've had as an owner, and definitely in the [Bill] Belichick era. It was the worst in the last 15 years," Patriots owner Robert Kraft said November 7 on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Sports Radio. "I was definitely worried, because you don't know. This isn't a game of robots. I know all the sages in the media were calling for us to trade Tommy [Brady] or sit him, and Belichick had lost it. You know, maybe in a way, it was a good thing. It shook us up. And in moments of crisis, you either do great things or you crumble. Our guys came together."

Week 11, Chiefs beat Seahawks


The last straw might have been the iPad. Pete Carroll, bundled from head to toe in Seahawks blue, had just stood for three hours in 10-degree wind chills, coaxing and imploring, and nothing seemed to work. And now the damned iPad didn't, either. Maybe it was for the best. Carroll was spared from watching game tape of what had just happened. He sat on a bus with his late lunch, some Gates Bar-B-Q, as the Seattle Seahawks slowly rumbled through November's dying brown landscape to Kansas City International Airport.

His team had lost another game it shouldn't have, falling 24-20 to the Chiefs, getting stuffed three times on fourth down in the fourth quarter, and the obituaries on the 2014 season were already being typed upstairs in the press box before they left the stadium. Here lie the defending Super Bowl champions, 6-4 and three games behind Arizona in the NFC West with the teeth of the schedule still looming. Here lie the talented, young and once-cocky.

So whoever wins the 2015 Super Bowl, the Chiefs can say ... you're welcome.

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