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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 1/19

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Good morning! Once again, we have your daily dose of Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy.

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2014 Chiefs Positional Review: the Quarterbacks from The Mothership

At times, especially after the win against Seattle, Kansas City looked dangerous. The Chiefs weren't a team you wanted to play.

But then you had the costly slip-ups: the ugly loss to Oakland and the two more that followed. Sure, accolades are accolades, but they don't get you into the playoffs.

Through it all, Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith never dazzled (he only had one game all season when he reached more than 300 yards), but he always gave the Chiefs a chance to win. In the 15 games he started, the Chiefs were 8-7, and they never lost by more than two scores.

Why Chiefs Fans Should Care About the Senior Bowl from The Mothership

Whether it's evaluating the 110 top collegiate players competing in practices throughout the week and the game on Saturday or the hiring of unemployed coaches, who flock to Mobile, Alabama to network and hope to be hired with a team, this is one of the most important weeks of the year for NFL teams.

For teams to be successful, they not only need a great coaching staff that understands the philosophy the team is putting forward, but they also need great players all throughout the roster.

Much is always made of the first-round picks leading up to the NFL draft. They get the headlines, the publicity. But it's just as important, if not more important, for a team to find production and value with the picks that follow as well.

Defining moments that doomed Chiefs' 2014 season from Chiefs Digest

If the Kansas City Chiefs' 2014 season were an amusement park ride, it would be a roller coaster with plenty of peaks and valley.

The team ascended to a 7-3 start before a bank turn dropped them to 9-7. Kansas City did not finish the circuit in ideal fashion and below are five culprits.

All of these moments lead to the Chiefs sitting at home during the postseason. The roller coaster can turn into a smooth cruise down 1-70 in 2015 if Kansas City can learn from these experiences:


Lamar Hunt Trophy: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know from

1. The Trophy is Named After Former Kansas City Chiefs Owner & AFL Founder Lamar Hunt

Lamar Hunt was an integral part of the transition into what the NFL is today. Hunt was the principal founder of the American Football League - which later merged with the old National Football League into one league - and owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. Hunt was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1972. In 2006, he passed away at the age of 72.

High school football: Lawton's Jalin Barnett blazing familiar path to Nebraska from The Oklahoman

Lawton coach Randy Breeze remembers the first time he noticed Will Shields as a sophomore.

"I'll never forget the very first drill of his sophomore year, I was amazed at how good of feet he had, how well he carried himself," said Breeze, who was the defensive line coach at the time. "I know at the break, a couple coaches came over and asked me about this senior that was coming back and I said, ‘Forget about him; this sophomore from Tomlinson is head-and-shoulders above him.' They didn't believe me at first but as it went on it became obvious."

Shields went on to become one of the best linemen in collegiate history with Nebraska and eventually the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs.

2015 NFL Mock Draft: Underclassmen steal the spotlight from CBS Sports

18. Kansas City Chiefs - DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville: Despite a receiving corps that did not catch a touchdown in 2014, the Chiefs were competitive weekly. Providing more weapons on the perimeter would seem to be a priority for Kansas City in the offseason, however, especially given that this year's crop seems very strong yet again. Dwayne Bowe is a reliable route-runner and pass-catcher but he lacks breakaway ability. Parker is a remarkably fluid athlete who, at 6-3, 209 pounds, reportedly has been clocked in the 4.4s.

Another reminder for Chiefs of what could have been from ESPN

So it will be the Seattle Seahawks against the New England Patriots in this year's Super Bowl. None of their fans needs a reminder the Kansas City Chiefs beat both teams during the regular season, 41-14 over the Patriots on Sept. 29 and 24-20 over the Seahawks on Nov. 16.

But the presence of the Patriots and the Seahawks in the Super Bowl does serve as a reminder of what could have been for the Chiefs. They were good enough to beat both of the NFL's best teams, so it certainly looks like the Chiefs wasted an excellent opportunity by winning only half of their remaining 14 games and failing to make the playoffs.