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Kansas City Chiefs playoff winless streak hits 21 years today

Let's use this as an excuse to remember the good 'ol days, before we had 21-year old playoff winless streaks.

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The KC Star's Sam Mellinger said it best: The Chiefs playoff winless streak is now old enough to drink its misery away.

The last time the Chiefs won a playoff game came 21 years ago today in a Divisional round matchup with the Houston Oilers. That's how old the Chiefs playoff win is -- the Oilers aren't even a team anymore! The Houston Texans weren't around yet, nor were the Jacksonville Jaguars or Carolina Panthers.

January 16, 1994. Seems like we were just celebrating 20 years ago. Where does the time go?

The Chiefs playoff winless streak is now old enough to drink its misery away.

I was just a kid when this happened. I didn't know what I was in for over the next 21 years. The week after this win the Chiefs lost to the Bills in the AFC Championship game. I remember being very bummed about that because Old Man Thorman told us he would take us out of the school for the parade if the Chiefs made the Super Bowl. But I just assumed the Chiefs would be back. Like I said, I was just a kid. I wasn't aware what the sports gods had in plan for Chiefs fans.

Here is the box score from the game. The Oilers were 7-point favorites with the NFL's fourth ranked offense and defense and the Chiefs went in there and beat them in their own house.

The unforgettable moment from that game is Chiefs TE Keith Cash spiking the ball on a Buddy Ryan poster, as remembered in this 1994 column:

He may not have set a pass-catching record for the Chiefs, but he might have been the first guy in NFL history to spike a sign. Take that, Buddy Ryan. Cash is the guy who caught Joe Montana's first TD pass and promptly went over to a banner that was hanging from a wall in the end zone and slammed the ball into it. The banner had a drawn picture of Ryan on it. Later, Cash said the spike was "a perfect shot, right between the eyes."

If anyone finds video of that, drop it in the comments.

What hurts me is that this shouldn't be the anniversary. The Chiefs two years later in 1995-96 were arguably their finest team during their run in the 1990s. Those Chiefs should have beaten the Colts in a Divisional round in January 1996. But you know what happened. The Kicker Who Shall Not Be Named imploded and the Chiefs sent Jim Harbaugh and the Colts to the AFC title game.

Since we're already depressed, check out this list of the last playoff win for each NFL team. Thank goodness for the Lions and Bengals!

Mrs. Arrowhead Pride doesn't know this yet but I bought a 12-pack of cheap beer and plan to celebrate tonight like it's my own 21st birthday.

How are YOU remembering this day?

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