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Chiefs' Andy Reid has had his job longer than any other AFC West head coach

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Didn't it just seem like yesterday that the Kansas City Chiefs made Andy Reid their new head coach? It was actually two years ago to the day last week that they did that. And now Big Red is the most tenured head coach in the AFC West.

In Denver, the Broncos fired John Fox after he had been there for four years. The Broncos were tired of winning so many games and making the playoffs every year.

In Oakland, the Raiders fired Dennis Allen early in the season. Tony Sparano was the interim coach while it appears Jack Del Rio is a strong candidate to be the new head coach.

In San Diego, the Chargers hired Mike McCoy two weeks after Andy Reid.

That makes Reid, who has been here all of two years, the most tenured head coach in the AFC West.

Remind me not to get a job in football. I've never been fired!*

*Feel free to use this comment thread to tell the best story of you getting fired.