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Start of Chiefs free agency includes key date for Tamba Hali

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 NFL free agency period starts on March 10, at which point the Kansas City Chiefs will see those players not under contract hit the open market. The start of the new league year is also when some players have bonuses due in their contracts. And, as you know, finances are often the driving force behind the decisions teams make.

The Chiefs have a key date coming up in Tamba Hali's contract, according to figures released by Spotrac.

On March 19, Tamba is due a $2 million roster bonus.

You would think the Chiefs would make a decision on his future before that point -- either don't pay it and cut him loose or pay it and keep him. There's no reason to pay it and then cut him (unless I don't understand NFL contracts ... very possible). Tamba's release could save the Chiefs $9 million. Or the Chiefs could decide to keep him and eat his contract because he's such an important player to the team.

You would think the Chiefs would have some sort of decision by the time we get to that point. In the two years of GM John Dorsey we've learned that he's a deadline guy. He makes his decisions up against deadlines so I wouldn't expect to hear much until closer to the deadline.

Until then, we wait for March 19.