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Denver Broncos uncertainty is good news for the Kansas City Chiefs

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

How odd is it that John Fox is NOT coming back of the Denver Broncos despite all their success together? ESPN's Adam Schefter has this:

Fox's exit is ... odd. It's similar to the 49ers situation where I'm sitting here like, Did you guys just get tired of success? You know how hard it is to find a head coach to lead you to a Super Bowl, right? They think you can just go pick a head coach off of the head coach tree. I just don't understand these things sometimes. The Broncos will be in a worse situation without Fox and Fox will be in a worse situation in Chicago (if that's where he ends up going).

As a Chiefs fan, I love what's happening here. Not only because Fox is a good coach but also because of the uncertainty it creates with Peyton Manning, who is the real key to this operation. Manning, a creature of habit, is going to play for a new head coach at 39 years old after he played the worst statistical month of his career? If anything, this Fox news makes me think Manning is more likely to hang 'em up. That Broncos playoff game against the Colts last weekend was the first time I truly thought Manning has lost it. He did not look good at all.

I'l respect Manning for what he's done on the field but that doesn't change the fact that I am throwing a big party when he retires. The Chiefs are 0-6 against him since he came to Denver. It's time for this guy to get out of the AFC West.

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