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Kansas City Chiefs worked out several free agent receivers

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David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs are destined to turn over every stone in an effort to unearth any potential additons to wide receiver on the roster. While we already reported the news that WR Da'Rick Rogers joined the Chiefs a few days ago, there were several other players who worked out for the Chiefs.

ESPN's Adam Caplan reported that Rogers was one of four receivers who worked out for the Chiefs. As you also saw reported last week, Duron Carter, son of Cris Carter, worked out for the Chiefs.

In addition to those two, Caplan reported free agent receivers Joe Morgan and LaVon Brazill worked out for Kansas City, and each are interesting in their own way.

Joe Morgan, who reportedly worked out for the Chiefs earlier this year, has fallen from promising wideout for the Saints to troubled veteran in his four NFL seasons. He's started only seven NFL games in four years, and has dealt with major injury and chemistry issues with the Saints. The talent is there, but clearly a team like the Chiefs would have to do their homework on Morgan.

Speaking of problematic players, Lavon Brazill worked his way out of Indianapolis after violating the NFL's substance abuse policy. Brazill was suspended for the 2014 season, so he spent his year in the CFL. Brazill has limited experience, a higher ceiling, and some return ability. Again, some homework would be required.