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Watching the Kansas City Chiefs this year was fun

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The end of a season is never fun (well, I suppose it is after a Super Bowl win. But, um, I wouldn't know).

There's always a lot of angst, anger, and alliteration from fans at this time of the season. Well, at least the first two. People are upset. They just watched the season disappear in front of them with no playoff victory (or even a berth this year). I get it.

But for me, 2014 was a really positive experience. Was there a certain level of frustration watching a good team (and yes, the Chiefs are a good team) blow a few ridiculous games and cost themselves a shot at the dance? Absolutely, yes. Did that make me want to scream and throw things? Sure. Am I asking a third question just because of my borderline-crippling-at-times writing OCD? Yes. Yes, I am.

Despite how things ended and the missed opportunities, though, 2014 had a lot more good than bad for me as a Chiefs fan.

To go all third level for a moment ... 2014 was a tough, tough year. There were some struggles personally (though I did always have a great wife and kids to fall back on, so there ya go) for the MNchiefsfan family. We learned what actual loss is. Let me tell you, a dumb loss to the Raiders on Thursday Night Football isn't worth getting all that fired up about. Yeah, it's a loss. But it's not a REAL loss. Not one that matters.

It's been a tough time. And during this mostly-rough 2014, the Chiefs provided some sunshine. Football was meaningful in all its beautiful, simple, joyful meaninglessness.

Sometimes you forget why you watch sports. Some people (in my opinion) do it because they love being miserable. We call those people Browns fans. Some people love to jump on bandwagons and be part of a "movement." We call those people Broncos or Seahawks fans. Some people do it because they love to have an opinion and feel right about stuff. We call those people things that can't be said on a family blog.

Me, I watch football because I love the game. It's fun to watch. It's a break from life. And even though it's not my favorite thing to get too deep, life needed some breaks this year. Watching a bunch of grown men running around wearing laundry and performing remarkable feats provides a surprisingly good background to explain to your kids for the tenth time why their grandparents had to move. Breaking down Albert Wilson's snaps beats the heck out of staring at an ultrasound picture and wondering why things happened the way they did.

(Still hurts, guys. Still hurts. BTW, those who have written asking about Mrs. MNchiefsfan are deeply appreciated. She's doing well. We're OK. Time has a funny way of healing anything)

I'm not trying to be depressing (though I feel as though I'm accomplishing it wonderfully. Yay for me?), I'm just being completely honest; football is for fun, and crap did I need a little fun at times this year. Sometimes I read the comments (all due respect to all of you, much love for you) and wonder why people would watch something that makes them so miserable. The minute being a fan of the Chiefs stops being fun and starts being another stress point, I walk.

Because it's a hobby. It's not supposed to make your life more aggravating (though the Chiefs at times certainly do their best, I admit)

For this guy, the 2014 Chiefs were a lot of fun a lot of the time. And that's what I'm going to remember about this season; it was a break from reality when reality got just a little too... real.

I started off writing this particular article with the intent of a His Dirkness-like concept of "Best moments of 2014." But I don't think I'm going to do that today. That'll come soon, I assure you. Maybe I'll even do some kind of "top ten" list or something (seeing as I haven't done a list in a REALLY long time, that seems appropriate).

Today, I'm taking a different approach and keeping it (for me) short and sweet. The 2014 season was a lot of fun. And that is absolutely the first thing I'll think of when I remember this season five, ten, or fifteen years from now. I hope that you're able to view it that way as well. Because again... if this isn't fun, then what's the point?

Here's hoping for an equally fun offseason (GM John Dorsey's off to a good start so far in my opinion) and an even MORE fun 2015. I don't say it enough, but I deeply appreciate being allowed to share my thoughts with you fine people, and I appreciate even more how many of you have shared back.

I sure hope this time next year we're sharing in some playoffs. And more importantly, that we've had fun along the way.

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