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Chiefs fans should root for the Colts so we can see the Broncos lose at home

The toughest question you will face today:

Should Chiefs fans root for the Colts or Broncos?

The Colts, as you painfully remember, are those jerks that beat the Chiefs in the playoffs way back in January 1996 when The Kicker Who Shall Not Be Named completely blew the game. Then there was the No Punt game vs. the Colts in 2004, which was a loss too. Then the loss in January 2007 after the Chiefs snuck into the playoffs. And then the emotional devastation that was January 4, 2014. So, yeah, tough to get me to root for the Colts.

That's a strong case not to root for Indy. But the case against Denver is even stronger. The Broncos are the team I dislike in the NFL the most right now, and it has been since the Raiders did their tailspin 10 years ago. The Broncos GM is John Elway, who makes my skin crawl to this day. I'll never forget what this guy did to my childhood. The icing on the top is that their quarterback is now Peyton Manning, who was the quarterback for a couple of those Colts teams that beat the Chiefs in the playoffs.

For that reason, I am rooting for Indy in this game. I don't want to see Denver's playoff hopes end next week in New England in front of the Patriots home crowd. I want them to lose in front of their own home crowd in their first playoff game after their bye. After the refs incorrectly ruled Tony G. out of bounds and gave the Broncos a Divisional round win at Arrowhead in 1998, a Denver loss at home would make me feel better.

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