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Arrowheadlines: Kansas City Chiefs News 1/11

Good morning! It was 45 years ago that The Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl IV. I've included a couple of articles from that win along with the rest of today's news. Enjoy!

Rod Hanna-USA TODAY Sports

Super Chiefs Shock Vikings, 23-7 from The Washington Post [originally published Jan 11, 1970]

The Kansas City Chiefs, second best team in the American League West standings, became the champions of all football today with a smashing 23-7 upset of the Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs shot into a 16-0 advantage by the second quarter, ridiculed the 13-point spread favoring the Vikings and established the AFL's superiority over the best the National Football League had to offer for the second straight year.

In 1969 football fans waited expectantly, if vainly, for the Baltimore Colts to overtake the New York Jets. Today the 80,997 witnesses in Tulane Stadium awaited only the final gun, so total was the Chiefs' domination.

Super Bowl IV: Super Chiefs wreck Vikings, 23-7 from The NY Daily News [originally published Jan 12, 1970]

It was a redemption for the Chiefs, who had been tabbed the goats of the inaugural Super Bowl, won by the Green Bay Packers, 35-10, in 1967.

It was redemption for the AFL, which still had a few skeptics to convince about its parity with the NFL, even after the Jets' stunning upset over the Colts a year ago.

And it was redemption for Dawson, who called a tremendous game in picking apart the Vikes in completing 12 of 17 passes for 142 yards and a touchdown, and who wound up winning a Dodge Challenger sports car as Sport Magazine's outstanding player in the championship game.

Video: Super Bowl Memories: Super Bowl 4

Video: Super Bowl IV Post Game 1970

Saturday's Sports Transactions from The Associated Press via The Houston Chronicle

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - Signed DT Jermelle Cudjo and FB Jordan Campbell to future contracts.

NFL Sets Kickoff Time For Dolphins-Jets Game In London from

The NFL also announced Saturday the starting time for another of the three London games in 2015, the Buffalo-Jacksonville matchup Oct. 25. That game also will start at 9:30 a.m. ET.

Kickoff time for the London game between the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs on Nov. 1 will be announced at a later date.

PACKERS LEAD 2014 NFL LOCAL RATINGS from Awful Announcing

Aside from the Saints, no team suffered a worse decline than the Tennessee Titans, who were down 17.1% to 20.7 in 2014 and are down 25.3% over the last three seasons. The Kansas City Chiefs also struggled in Year Two of the Andy Reid era, falling 15.8% to a 36.1. However, the Chiefs are still up 8.4% over the past three years.

What to make of all the drops this year? from Niners Nation

So, as Barrows notes, this would mean that the Colts had a drop rate of 16.5 pass attempts for every 1 drop - much better than the 49er's ratio of 14.3 to 1. Barrows additionally provides some nice perspective: the Kansas City Chiefs had the worst drop rate ratio in the league at 13.3 to 1.

Meh grade for the Bears' hire of Ryan Pace as GM, after two days of reflection from Chicago Now

The main thing is that Pace comes from an organization with a general recent history of winning. The Saints even won a Super Bowl when Pace was part of the organization. This is definitely an improvement over the hiring of Emery, who came from the Kansas City Chiefs, a team that you do not equate with winning.

Arrowhead, Wembley and I from Arrowhead Abroad

From the moment we found them at 8.30am I knew tailgating suited me. The warm welcome we received from everyone that day will be a memory I will never forget. You know sometimes you get that feeling people are so nice that secretly you worry about what they get up to behind closed doors? Not here. Their interest in our trip was genuine. Instantly I felt part of the family. All sorts of questions, drinks and delicacies were being thrown my way. I ate deer, drank homemade moonshine, and sung songs amongst other things. This was my first experience of tailgating. If there was a tradition to be tested I would do it. After all this was market research for Wembley next year and I wasn't to know when I would be coming back.

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