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What the Super Bowl 50 odds say about the Kansas City Chiefs

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Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Super Bowl 50 odds -- that's the one next year, not the one next month -- have been released by the Las Vegas SuperBook and I found the Kansas City Chiefs placement interesting. Not so much because of the odds -- they're 30/1, which doesn't tell me much without context -- but because of who else has the same odds.

Also with 30/1 odds, which would mean Vegas views them similarly to the Chiefs, are the Houston Texans, San Diego Chargers, New York Giants, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Falcons, Miami Dolphins.

Outside of the Panthers, none of those teams made it to the playoffs this year. The Texans, Chargers and Dolphins were close (as were the Falcons ... but they were 6-10, which is good in the NFC South and not good everywhere else).

Chiefs fans talk about wanting to beat the NFL's top teams like the Seahawks and Patriots, which they did this year. But those who have money go lose and gain on it think the Chiefs are closer to the teams listed above than the Hawks, Pats and Packers of the world. I'm not saying I disagree ... I just like setting the correct expectations.

The list of teams just above the Chiefs is also interesting: Detroit Lions, New Orleans Saints, St. Louis Rams, San Francisco 49ers, Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cincinnati Bengals. In my Kansas City homer mind, the Chiefs belong more with those teams than the others. But, again, what do I know?*

*Please don't answer that

Here's the full list (via Niners Nation):

Seahawks: 5/1
Patriots: 6/1
Packers: 7/1
Broncos: 8/1
Cowboys: 12/1
Eagles: 16/1
Colts: 16/1
Lions: 25/1
Saints: 25/1
Rams: 25/1
49ers: 25/1
Cardinals: 25/1
Steelers: 25/1
Ravens: 25/1
Bengals: 25/1
Texans: 30/1
Chargers: 30/1
Chiefs: 30/1 
Giants: 30/1 
Panthers: 30/1 
Falcons: 30/1 
Dolphins: 30/1 
Bears: 50/1 
Vikings: 50/1 
Bills: 50/1 
Browns: 50/1 
Redskins: 100/1 
Jets: 100/1 
Buccaneers: 200/1 
Titans: 300/1 
Jaguars: 300/1 
Raiders: 300/1