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The Chiefs could stand to run more two tight end sets with Travis Kelce

A look at the Chiefs offensive personnel groupings for Week 1 vs. the Titans.

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The Kansas City Chiefs did not run as many two tight end sets as I thought they would in Sunday's opener against the Tennessee Titans. Travis Kelce, the second tight to Anthony Fasano, had a terrific preseason where he led the Chiefs in receiving yards. Yet he played just 18 snaps on Sunday. And he was still the Chiefs second leading receiver.

"He's young," Andy Reid said of Kelce on Monday, via quotes from the Chiefs, "but he's capable of more than 18 plays. I've just got to make sure I call those plays."

Take a look at the Chiefs offensive personnel groupings for this game. The way to read this is to count the number of backs and number of tight ends. The second one down is "11 personnel" (one back + one tight end = 11), which is what Reid runs the most often. That would usually be Jamaal, Fasano and three receivers.

RBs TEs WRs Plays Rush Pass
2 0 3 4 3 1
1 1 3 31 6 25
2 1 2 5 3 2
1 2 2 16 5 11

(Note: I'm pretty sure I am off by one play someplace but I can't find it and, as it turns out, this is really time consuming. If anyone in the comments spots my mistake, you will get a free lifetime subscription to Arrowhead Pride.)

You have to remember that the Chiefs were losing for a good portion of this game so the numbers will be skewed towards more passing. In a regular game, I would be happy with more two tight end sets. Kelce isn't the blocker that Fasano is so he may not have as much flexibility in personnel groupings.

Check out BJ Kissel's post on personnel groupings, too. He includes other details, including yardage. Any longtime readers know he is much better on that than I am.

Anything jump out at you?

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