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The Kansas City Chiefs are their own worst enemy

Few things in life were more pathetic than the Chiefs in their lifeless loss on Sunday.

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The Kansas City Chiefs did not lose 26-10 to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday afternoon in a disgusting display on Sunday. The Kansas City Chiefs lost 26-10 to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Despite being without the services of Dwayne Bowe, Donald Stephenson, De'Anthony Thomas and Marcus Cooper, the Chiefs outclassed the Titans all over the field in terms of talent. In terms of guts, Kansas City came up empty. The Chiefs fell behind and showed no heart throughout the game, at one point showcased by Tamba Hali and Sean Smith sharing a chuckle with Dexter McCluster. On the next play, the Chiefs fell behind 20-3.

That moment encapsulates everything that went wrong with Kansas City. The talent is there, the heart is vacant. Hali is a 10-year veteran who was an active no-show against the Indianapolis Colts in January. He should be fuming that another season is about to go down the toilet after seeing Derrick Johnson and Mike DeVito get carted off with Achilles injuries in a contest you should be winning, yet are being blown out of. Instead, Hali is sharing a laugh with the opponent while fans are stuck watching the circus.

Then there is Andy Reid and Alex Smith. Reid's gameplan was the worst we have seen since he became the head coach in 2013.

"I didn't do a very good job there," Andy Reid said of the passing game. "Could have used our short intermediate game better, probably could have run it more. Not a very good job on my part."

Reid seems to have stolen his strategy from a 12-year-old kid playing Madden, a youngster who loves to chuck it deep with complete disdain for patience. His decision to throw a deep ball from the 2-yard line with under a minute remaining in the first half is just a bad decision.

Reid has Jamaal Charles, the best weapon in the NFL. Charles was healthy and yet touched the ball 11 times. Without Bowe, the Chiefs had absolutely no options on the outside. Donnie Avery could not earn separation while Frankie Hammond Jr. and the rest of the crew showed why most mocked Kansas City to pick a receiver in the first round.

Instead, the Chiefs punted on the present to pick for the future and took Dee Ford. Ford, who has considerable potential, recorded three snaps. Albert Wilson, a prospect we have heard so much about, also had no statistics. Why wasn't he given a chance with the second half unfolding like a horror show? One will never know.

Then there is Smith, our $75 million quarterback. Smith played atrociously even when the offensive line held up. He threw a trio of interceptions, all forced passes to Avery. It's easy to criticize Reid for calling the plays and Avery for not getting open, but Smith is a veteran. You have to look elsewhere or throw the ball away. Instead, he gave the Titans three gifts.

The most disturbing part of the day was seeing no anger on the field or after the game. It was a horrific loss and yet nobody seems embarrassed or furious. It was simply another day at the office. The loss was accepted before the score became final. The fate was determined with little resistance.

It was ugly, it was brutal and it was laughingstock-worthy. It was the Chiefs being the Chiefs.

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