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Derrick Johnson was 14 tackles from Chiefs all-time tackle record before Achilles injury

Derrick Johnson was on the verge of setting a Chiefs record before his injury.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There are many sad things about Derrick Johnson's torn Achilles' injury, which will likely end his season. One of them is that he was about to break the Kansas City Chiefs all-time tackles record.

DJ entered the 2014 season on watch for the Chiefs tackle record, standing just 18 tackles away from tying Gary Spani, who ended his Chiefs career with 999 tackles. DJ was at 981 entering this season.

He was credited with four tackles before the football gods stepped in and ended DJ's season. That leaves him at 985 tackles, 14 short of Spani's all-time Chiefs record.

If not for the injury, he would likely be setting that record in Denver next week or Miami the week after. Instead, we'll have to hope that the recovery process goes well -- Achilles' is a serious injury -- and he steps back on the field as a Chief next season. If he can do that, he'll surely break it. But that is a long time from now ...

Here are the Chiefs all-time tackle leaders:

1. 999 ............. Gary Spani (1978-86)

2. 992 ............. Art Still (1978-87)
3. 985 ............. Derrick Johnson (2005-13)
4. 927 ............. Deron Cherry (1981-91_
5. 883 ............. Donnie Edwards (1996-01, '07-08)

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