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Chiefs' Eric Berry: Arrowhead is going to be 'off the chain' for Tennessee Titans game

Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry talked about the advantage of the Arrowhead crowd ahead of Sunday's season opener against the Tennessee Titans.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes I don't have much to add to a post other than to say this is a great freakin' quote. That's the case with this quote from Eric Berry, who spoke to the Tennessee media.

Here's what Berry said when asked about the Arrowhead advantage:

"I was telling someone else today that I think everyone in America needs to experience a game at Arrowhead because it's something special," Berry said proudly. "The fact that the first game is a home game means it's going to be off the chain.

"The fans will be there before we even have to report to the stadium. There's going to be music, tailgating, and the whole parking lot is going to be smoked out with barbeque. That gets the juices flowing for us before we even step on the field. You feel like you can't be stopped with that sea of red behind you."

I love this quote so much I am going to repeat my favorite parts:

"Everyone in America needs to experience a game at Arrowhead"

"It's going to be off the chain"

"You can't be stopped with that sea of red behind you"

Is it Sunday yet?

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