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Chiefs expect sellout in season opener vs. Titans, which means it's not yet sold out

The Chiefs play the Titans on Sunday but the game is not yet sold out.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There are two headline options here:

Chiefs expect Titans game to be sold out

Titans-Chiefs game not yet sold out

The latter is the one that surprises me. Here we sit on Thursday morning and I am reading an article in the Kansas City Star that says the Chiefs anticipate the season opener against the Titans to be sold out.

Key word: anticipate. As in, it's not sold out yet.

This surprises me because the Chiefs spent time this offseason talking about how well their season ticket sales were going and how the interest in the team is incredible this year. I figured with a reported 60,000-plus season ticket holder (I mean member) base that selling out games in a 75,000-seat stadium was a no-brainer. Of course, I say this from the comfort of my home in my sweatpants as I'm not the one out there with boots on the ground selling tickets.

I'm not concerned about the Chiefs selling the game out and having it air on TV as they obviously expect it to sell out. The Chiefs would be making a big stink of unsold tickets if there were any danger at all of that happening.

I just found it a little odd. That's all.

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